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Za Za Bazaar, Bristol

Address : Harbourside, Canon's Road, Bristol, BS1 5UH
Phone : 0117 922 0330 Please mention thefoodplace.co.uk when you call.

About Za Za Bazaar

Cuisine : World Fusion
Open for : dinner, lunch
Type : restaurant, takeaway
Tags : car park, separate bar, suitable for large groups
Suitable for : vegetarian diet
Menu types : all you can eat / buffet
Buffet price :
£13.99 (£15.99 at weekends) per person.
Website : http://zazabazaar.com

Za Za Bazaar is the largest restaurant in the UK with seating for up to 1000 diners. The ‘all you can eat’ buffet spans the globe in cuisines with Chinese, British, pizza, curries, Sushi, salads, pasta amongst the choices. The interior is designed to look like a street market in the far East with various ‘counters’ for the different types of food. Takeaway is an option, just grab a box and fill it with whatever takes your fancy.

Parties are obviously more than welcome, and with such a variety of food on offer, it could be an ideal venue. The bar serves over 300 different drinks from around the world and stays open until 1am each evening.

This is the first Za Za Bazaar and the company are hoping to open up to eight other sites across the UK within the next year.

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