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The China House in Reigate

Address : 7 Holmesdale Road, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0BA
Phone : 01737 221567 Please mention thefoodplace.co.uk when you call.

About The China House

Cuisine : Chinese
Open for : dinner
Type : restaurant, takeaway

The China House is a restaurant in Reigate which serves Chinese food.

Reviews of The China House in Reigate

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  • Review left on 03/07/2013 by Rex yardley-Rees (1 review)

    Overall rating : 55555 | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 5/5 | Value: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 | Toilets: 5/5 |

    Think it's a shame you had a bad experience and I highly recommend you give it a second chance. I have been going there for over a decade ( eating in and a countless amount of takeaways). They are extremely friendly and service is exceptional. Price is reasonable and good value if you choose the 'all you can eat' bufet. Lovely atmosphere and lots of space.

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  • Review left on 05/04/2013 by L. Ward (1 review)

    Overall rating : 11111 | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 1/5 | Value: 1/5 | Service: 1/5 | Atmosphere: 1/5 | Toilets: 1/5 |

    China House restaurant in Reigate – avoid, avoid, avoid!!!!!!

    Why? We wanted to take our daughters out for their first Chinese meal and thought that the china house looked quite nice. Big mistake!

    When we arrived no one explained that there were two dining options – buffet and al a carte.

    We ordered mixed starters – about 4 in total - and within 3 minutes it was put on our table – all dumped on one plate and it wasn’t even freshly prepared (microwave job!) The food was disgusting – i wouldn’t let our children try it.

    We asked the waitress why our starters had come on one plate and we discovered were being served buffet style. We were then told that there was an al a carte menu so we switched.

    On asking how much we would be charged for the small pile of disgusting fried buffet food (on one plate!) we were told £18! Given that half of Peking duck with pancakes cost £13.50 on the a la carte menu we felt we were being ripped off. We could have also ordered a whole takeaway meal for £18.

    On challenging the price a male waiter appeared and said that he didn’t want our business and that we should pay and go.

    We also noticed these odd notes on the menus warning people that if they opted for the buffet menu and over-ordered / left food that they would be charged additional a la carte prices for every gram!

    Overall impression is that this restaurant has no care or consideration for their dinners / customers – it’s all about cheap, warmed up overpriced food. They are in it for the profit only.
    My daughters were so disappointed as they were looking forward to the meal – and they commented after about how rude the man in the restaurant was.

    My advice is don’t risk it!

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  • Review left on 27/03/2011 by zoefruitcake (19 reviews)

    Overall rating : 55555 | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 5/5 | Value: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 | Toilets: 5/5 |

    Been eating here for over a decade and never been disappointed. Although it is tempting to go straight for the all you can eat deal cooked to order, don't rule out the menu, especially if you are a veggie. The vegetarian banquet is fantastic, and enjoyable for those who sometimes eat meat.

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