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Rose Burger & Kebab Centre in Halstead

Address : 30 Bridge St, Halstead, Essex, CO9 1HT
Phone : 01787 477077 Please mention thefoodplace.co.uk when you call.

About Rose Burger & Kebab Centre

Cuisine : Burgers
Open for : dinner, lunch
Type : takeaway

Rose Burger & Kebab Centre is a takeaway in Halstead serving burgers.

Reviews of Rose Burger & Kebab Centre in Halstead

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  • Review left on 19/09/2015 by Lydia Butterley (1 review)

    Overall rating : 2.672.672.672.672.67 | Experience type: Takeaway
    | Food: 3/5 | Value: 4/5 | Service: 1/5 |

    I cannot believe how rude the manager of this establishment is, indifferent at best and aggressive at worst. I ordered a takeaway and 3 out of the 4 meals were wrong. I did not complain at the time but rang on the Monday after the Saturday to inform them of our disappointment, i was told the manager would ring me back - he never did. I rang again the following Saturday to place an order and explained what had happened the previous week i was greeted by this unapolgetic, defensive raised voice who wa obviously the manager, he basically called me a liar, told me they had checked the ticket and they had all agreed it wasnt wrong! I said it had obviously been written down wrong, what a moron! He then had the temerity to ask me the order i wished to place, to which he heard the inside of my phone. I will not use this place again out of principle.

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  • Review left on 31/05/2015 by Tracy allingham (1 review)

    Overall rating : 1.331.331.331.331.33 | Experience type: Takeaway
    | Food: 2/5 | Value: 1/5 | Service: 1/5 |

    Ordered large kebab looks like a small one not value for money put salad in a yellow box asked why it can't go on kebab , reply I got it will get cold, bad attitude, won't go again.

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  • Review left on 16/12/2013 by D (1 review)

    Overall rating : 1.331.331.331.331.33 | Experience type: Delivery
    | Food: 1/5 | Value: 2/5 | Delivery speed: 1/5 |

    Awful staff very rude made big order and when arrived pizza's where cold!! Called to complain and got told " u live to far away" well why state delivery to me. Weird cos other pizza orders have been fine!! Another time the afters was out of date and was told by driver I couldn't order at weekends as they were to busy to come 3 miles away !!!!!!! Plain rude!!!!!

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