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Plas Yn Dre Restaurant in Bala

Address : 23 Stryd Fawr, Bala, Gwynedd, LL23 7LU
Phone : 01678 521256 Please mention thefoodplace.co.uk when you call.

About Plas Yn Dre Restaurant

Open for : dinner, lunch
Type : restaurant

Plas Yn Dre Restaurant is a restaurant in Bala. This restaurant opens for dinner and lunch.

Reviews of Plas Yn Dre Restaurant in Bala

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  • Review left on 16/09/2012 by katie (1 review)

    Overall rating : 11111 | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 1/5 | Value: 1/5 | Service: 1/5 | Atmosphere: 1/5 | Toilets: 1/5 |

    Plas Yn Dre is is appalling, I was on my way back from holiday with my my disabled partner and our two children when we were looking for somewhere to have some food, we saw this place and thought it looked welcoming and I went in first with our 5 year old son and when to use the toilets before we sat down to eat, half way up the stairs where toilet signs were an older woman came out of the bar area fag in hand shouting "excuse me what are you doing" straight away I said "we are just about to to eat here, I'm just taking him to the toilet first". She then shouting aggressively "this is'nt a public toilet, your so rude" I was taken back at how rude she was, then once again I tried to say we are about to get a table here just using the loo first, she didn't even let me finish speaking before again saying I was rude, she was so outrageous to us at this point my partner was in the doorway looking confused she then turned and practically pushed him out the door with our 3 year old daughter, I walked down the stairs with our son towards the door with her giving me abuse in front of my confused family then pushed the door behind us as if I had done something wrong, this made me so crossed we only wanted to use the toilet before we sat down and I would never expect my disabled partner and children to be treated like this, I am a nurse and am not rude, I spend my time saving lives.

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  • Review left on 14/05/2011 by Jamesbardell (1 review)

    Overall rating : 11111 | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 1/5 | Value: 1/5 | Service: 1/5 | Atmosphere: 1/5 | Toilets: 1/5 |

    Do not go here. You wait one hour and get told "we have not got a table" . Bad service. !!!!!!

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  • Review left on 11/08/2010 by gourmet (1 review)

    Overall rating : 55555 | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 5/5 | Value: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 | Toilets: 5/5 |

    Plas Yn Dre means "a place in the town" but in connection with this restauant it means "Perfection" Here you will find a friendly family run restaurant with first class food. Not only will you enjoy your visit and want to return, you will experience a degree of service you will find hard to match. For a magnificent dining experience, this is the place. If you have any ideas of opening your own restaurant, dine here and learn. I came here from a friends reccomendation about 8 years ago and have been returning ever since. It's as well to book, even out of season.

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