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Mandarin Garden in Truro

Address : 114a Kenwyn St, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 3DJ
Phone : 01872 272374 Please mention thefoodplace.co.uk when you call.

About Mandarin Garden

Cuisine : Chinese
Open for : dinner, lunch
Type : restaurant, takeaway

Reviews of Mandarin Garden in Truro

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  • Review left on 11/01/2015 by Julieann (1 review)

    Overall rating : 55555 | Experience type: Delivery
    | Food: 5/5 | Value: 5/5 | Delivery speed: 5/5 |

    Simply the best Chinese takeaway
    Every greeting is always a joy
    We would never order elsewhere with the amazeing service
    Thanks Keith
    Experience is priceless
    See you soon :)

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  • Review left on 27/09/2014 by mrs dooley (1 review)

    Overall rating : 55555 | Experience type: Delivery
    | Food: 5/5 | Value: 5/5 | Delivery speed: 5/5 |

    We have had great meals and service from this restaurant. They are always extremely friendly both when ordering and delivering food. Reading some of the other reviews it does make me wonder about peoples expectations. I would recommend 100%.

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  • Review left on 22/07/2012 by Stacey (1 review)

    Overall rating : 55555 | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 5/5 | Value: 5/5 | Service: 5/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 | Toilets: 5/5 |

    We went for my fathers 78 birthday last night and it was beautiful, I honestly do not know what the other reviews are on about, this is probably about the 10th time we have been over the years and EVERYTIME it has been cooked beautifully and presented amazingly. We had three mains and a couple of starters and the meat was cooked to perfection and melted in your mouth. Have been returning for years and will continue to do so for years to come.

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  • Review left on 24/03/2012 by Steve (1 review)

    Overall rating : 44444 | Experience type: Takeaway
    | Food: 5/5 | Value: 4/5 | Service: 3/5 |

    Great food! I always have Chinese duck and mushrooms, with egg fried rice, and a portion of chips, so i can really say about other food. the restaurant? Never been inside. Value? 4* because the price hasnt changed at all in the last three years. and service? 3* because they can be a bit rushed, and slow, but that isnt a major problem for take aways

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  • Review left on 14/01/2011 by Lukey25 (2 reviews)

    Overall rating : 11111 | Experience type: Takeaway
    | Food: 1/5 | Value: 1/5 | Service: 1/5 |

    I'm sorry but this has to be the worst chinese I have ever eaten. The food was quite frankly disgusting. We had 7 different meals between 4 of us and not one was even close to what I would call average. The sweet and sour hong kong I wouldn't even serve to my dog it was that bad. Could not believe how busy it was given the tripe they were serving - then again there is not a decent chinese in Truro so I guess they have no real competition. Avoid

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  • Review left on 22/09/2010 by truro007 (1 review)

    Overall rating : | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 1/5 | Value: 2/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 1/5 | Toilets: 1/5 |

    We arrived here with my brother, his wife and their baby daughter. The restaurant is accessed from the Kenwyn Street via a staircase. Immediate impressions were that it was not child-friendly as they had no high chair. The whole restaurant looked very dated and dull with old-fashioned booth style places (unlike the open arrangement we see today in modern restaurants).
    We were given menus which looked as if they had come out of the 1970s! Each page stuck together by the plastic covering. The food was served up relatively quickly and was very uninspiring being really just a takeaway on plates. Clearly this was simply packet food heated up; how disappointing.
    The owners were quite friendly although we came to the conclusion that they simply had not kept up with the times. The owner told me the restaurant had been there 30 years.....we could see nothing had changed in all that time!!
    I would rate this place with a 3/10. There are far better restaurants in Truro to go to.

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