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India Gate, Dunblane

Address : Perth Road, Dunblane, Perthshire, FK15 0EY
Phone : 01786 822098 Please mention thefoodplace.co.uk when you call.

About India Gate

Cuisine : Indian, Punjabi
Open for : dinner, late night, lunch
Type : delivery, restaurant, takeaway
Tags : family run, function room, outside catering, suitable for large groups
Suitable for : vegetarian diet
Menu types : a-la-carte, lunch menu, takeaway menu
Reservations : reservations accepted
Dress code : none
Average price :
Main course £10.
Website : http://www.mr-singh.co.uk/gate/

India Gate run by the Singh family, who also run the Indian Cottage and Indian Brasserie restaurants in Stirling (see related restaurants section). The restaurant is open for dinner seven days a week and for lunch every day except Sunday with takeaway and delivery also available. Delivery is offered at lunchtime between 12am and 3pm, and in the evening from 5pm to 23pm.

A function room offers searing for up to 70 diners;  the restaurant also offers outside catering.

Reviews of India Gate, Dunblane

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  • Review left on 02/02/2013 by Mars (1 review)

    Overall rating : | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 3/5 | Value: 1/5 | Service: 2/5 | Atmosphere: 2/5 | Toilets: 3/5 |

    I am from Dunblane and have been a patron of this restaurant since the current management took over from the previous, approximately 3-4 years. I have always enjoyed this restaurant and the staff know both myself and partner by site, although not by name.

    It is because I have always enjoyed this Indian restaurant that compels me to write and explain why the current establishment is likely suffering from less and less clientele.

    The food has certainly dropped in quality, or perhaps more accurately the cooking of the food. When the first below par meal arrived I thought perhaps it was a one off, or even on reflection it could have been myself, taste bud not on form etc. That was some 9 months ago, and going from visiting India Gate fortnightly to rarely is an indicator of my experiences.

    So, whats gone wrong?
    Staff have changed, almost without exception for the worse. The staff that remain from say a two years ago are all very pleasant. However, two new staff, one I think a manager, or he thinks he is, is not very customer focused, in fact I would describe him as aggressive. I recall about a month ago Dec/2012 I asked him “if Mr Singh was in tonight?” for no other reason to make conversation. His reply was an aggressive, “Why? Why do you want to speak to Mr Singh, when did you last see Mr Singh here? I was taken aback, and simple stated it would have been a few months before. Mr Singh, actual sits out in the front to see his customers, and takes and interest in his restaurant, not having seen him for a while I thought it a reasonable question. Unfortunately, I think this waiter (older short man, with little hair) thought I was wanting to complain about something, and even if I had, his reaction was interesting!

    The second member of staff, is a young man, and unfortunately he has a rather over keenness attitude, circling around close by and lifting drinks from the table without asking if the drink is finished. Also, a certain M&S inane conversation has crept in, rather than talking about the meal we just had the conversation leans towards “and what have you planned this weekend”? Not to mention him blurting out, “AH, That’ll be £50.00 on here, how much of a tip do you want to give”? So much for a surprise treat for my girlfriend, well at least she knows how much I’m spending on our treat!

    But, it’s the food that changed most of all least of all it’s cost, even their own website doesn’t keep up with the new price increases which are frequent. But, my main issue is not the cost, it’s the quality.

    Ex 1. South Indian Garlic Chilli Lamb. It was a fantastically spicy dish, with succulent lamb, cooked perfectly, tasting of, yes lamb. Whole pieces of spice and herbs clearly visible chopped with chefs knife. This dish was not for the faint hearted, and described as a hot dish, it did not disappoint. Now however, it’s a shadow of its former self, the lamb was over cooked, bordering on hard. The sauce seemed to be similar to most of the other sauces, liquidised, and a chilli cut in half and put in. This was a dish that when prepared before had all manner of whole spices and herbs showing in it.

    Ex 2. Lamb Jaipuri. Sauce mushed down into a pouring consistency, a little piece of chopped green pepper and onion. The majority of this sauce certainly have been through a reducing process, food processor to excess.

    Ex 3. Tandoori King Prawn. My partners usual, unfortunately this this dish main ingredient, King Prawn varies in format. What I mean by this is that the King Prawns at times arrive on the place, mushy! Now, I really don’t know how they manage that, three of the 5/6 large king prawns, and they are large are overly soft, almost water logged. It must be something to do with the storage process or perhaps the defrosting process, but it’s enough to ruin the dish and now my partner orders chicken instead, a great shame.

    All the above examples have not been a one off, I’m not prepared to write off the India gate so easily especially after having been a customer there for so long. Also, yes, my partner and I have asked the waiters on various occasions to take various meals away and change or reheat.

    So, my last visit here was Friday evening 8pm, and unfortunately again the meal was lack lustre and the one young over keen waiter hung around. Perhaps it was because he didn’t have many other tables to wait on, the restaurant was ¾ empty, I’ve never seen that before, especially at the end of a month.

    Value for money, well, not very high score here I’m afraid, I really don’t mind pushing the boat out and paying for a enjoyable meal, but I’m sorry to say I’ll likely go back to the India Gate in a few months’ time (3), so the visits become further and further apart .

    My partner was speaking to someone recently, just an acquaintance. They got talking about Indian restaurants and she was surprised to hear the person say “I’ve stopped going there, all their sauces are a bit samey”! So it seems we are not the only people thinking things have gone downhill.

    Perhaps we should try one of Mr Singh’s restaurants in Stirling, perhaps there has been one too many movement of chefs. It certainly needs to make some major changes, and refer back to how it was a year ago, given the fact that shortly an Italian restaurant is opening in Dunblane, they really need to get their act together quickly, or we are going to see that ubiquitous and all to familiar sign up which I certainly don’t want “UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT”!

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  • Review left on 24/01/2011 by brunton (1 review)

    Overall rating : 33333 | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 2/5 | Value: 4/5 | Service: 2/5 | Atmosphere: 3/5 | Toilets: 4/5 |

    Visited on Saturday night, service was not particularly friendly, no rapport established, eager to get us to order drinks despite 2 of the party still to arrive and constantly topped up glasses despite being asked not to. Food descriptions were poor, the Goan prawn and haddock dish was described and slightly hot was but so hot that it had no flavour and I could not find any haddock. When asked to take away and cool it, it came back having had some yogurt and a big lump of lemon added then put in the microwave till it was scalding hot, which did nothing apart from make it inedible, One of the party who prefers food to be hot described it as being hotter than most meals he had tasted. Everyone described their meals as hotter than expected but generally they found them to be good. No offer to refund cost of the Goan fish meal despite the complaints. Luckily we checked the bill as we had be charged for an extra bottle of wine, but no apology for error. Starters were very good.

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