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Branwells Mill Meadery (Penzance) in Penzance

Address : Branwells Mill, 68 Market Jew St, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 2LQ
Phone : 01736 350292 Please mention thefoodplace.co.uk when you call.

About Branwells Mill Meadery (Penzance)

Open for : dinner, lunch
Type : restaurant

Branwells Mill Meadery (Penzance) is a restaurant in Penzance. This restaurant opens for dinner and lunch.

Reviews of Branwells Mill Meadery (Penzance) in Penzance

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  • Review left on 22/02/2012 by chels6690 (1 review)

    Overall rating : | Experience type: Eat-in
    | Food: 3/5 | Value: 1/5 | Service: 1/5 | Atmosphere: 3/5 | Toilets: 3/5 |

    I was very unhappy to be told that I had to pay the bill for the food that I recieved at Branwell Mills Meadery in Penzance. I booked a table on the 14th of February 2012 to enjoy a romantic valentines meal. They were very welcoming, I will give them that. We ordered our starter and main course all at once. I was told thatb I could not have the lasagne on the menu as there was none left. This was fine as I then decided on the chicken in the rough. The waitress brought out our starter course which was rather nice should I say. Twenty minutes later she came back to the table and told us there was no chicken and the available course would be smoked haddock. I hate fish. This really annoyed me. We were told that the waterside meadery, half a mile away had chicken and we could go there. So we had to get up half way through our mile and walk half a mile down the road to the other meadery. No taxi was arranged, no kind of compensation for the disruption to our meal. I was extremely upset. What sort of meadery runs out of chicken, especially when they weren't very busy. I was then phoned by the Branwell Mills Meadery of Penzance the next day virtually demanding that I go and pay the £33 bill for the starters and they became very rude about it. How dare they. After all the hassle that we had to go through. I most certainly will never eat there again and I most certainly will not reccomend it to anyone. Poor customer care standards at this resturant should really be looked at and evaluated.

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