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What kind of reviews are allowed?

Our aim is to make thefoodplace.co.uk the most comprehensive and useful restaurant and takeaway guide in the UK. With this in mind, we only want useful reviews that will help people decide if they want to visit a restaurant or use a takeaway. We welcome constructive reviews – positive or negative.

Please remember that as the author of a comment, you are responsible for the content. If you make an accusation against a restaurant/takeaway that isn’t true, it is possible they could have grounds to sue you.

We reserve the right to block, modify (to correct grammatical errors) or remove reviews.

If you think you’ve had food poisoning caused by a restaurant you should report it to your local Environmental Health Officer (EHO). You can search for your nearest EHO by clicking here.

Who can review restaurants?
Anyone that has eaten in a restaurant or had takeaway/food delivered can review it.

We cant accept reviews from the owners/employees of restaurants and if we suspect that a review has been left by an owner/employee we reserve the right to remove and/or modify the review.

Why do I have to leave a review when I rate a restaurant?
Although ratings are good and give people a way of quickly evaluating a restaurant, it’s really helpful if the ratings are backed up with a comment as to why you rated something the way you did. If you gave the food a 1, why? Was it cold? or the service a 5, why was the service so good?

There’s a problem with one of the reviews listed, How do I report it?
We do not read reviews before they are published, so if you see a review that is offensive, please click on the ‘flag’ () icon next to it – this will allow you to bring it to our attention. We will then check the review and remove or amend it as required.

Somebody has a left a bad review about my restaurant, will you remove it?
Generally, no – not unless it is against our review policy. People accept the odd bad review, especially if it is outnumbered by good reviews. In addition, badly written/reasoned reviews don’t tend to hold much weight with readers.

Why do I need to signup?
You don’t need to sign up to use our guide, but we do require that you sign up to rate and review restaurants and takeaways. We want to make sure that our reviews are left by real people so to do that, we ask you to create an account. Your account will be verified by email.

How do I rate and review a website?
It’s really simple, make sure you\’re logged in to the site, find the page for the restaurant that you’d like to rate and review and fill in the form at the bottom of the page.

How do I register?
Go to our signup page, fill out the form and wait for the confirmation email.

I’ve forgotten my password
Click here to request a new password

What do you do with the information I give you when I sign up?
Don’t worry, we’re not going to sign you up for anything you dont want. Our mailing list runs separately from the members section of our site so if all you do is sign up to the site to leave reviews, you’ll never receive emails from us.

My favourite restaurant/takeaway isn’t listed, can I add it?
Please do! Go to the add a restaurant page and fill out the form. Once approved, it will appear on our site.

There’s a problem with the details you have on a restaurant, can I tell you about this?
Sure. Visit the details page of the restaurant and click on the “report a problem” link. Fill out the form and we’ll update the details appropriately.

Can I add my restaurant?
Yes. We’d love to have your restaurant listed in our guide. Please head along to the add your restaurant page, complete the form and once approved, it will appear in our guide.

What does it cost?
It doesn’t cost anything to have your restaurant listed on our website.

Why should I add my restaurant?
We’re a very successful web guide to restaurants throughout the UK. People use our website to find somewhere to eat, find phone numbers and now they’re using it to read ratings and reviews from customers that have already visited restaurants.

We can give your restaurant publicity for free. You have nothing to lose by adding your restaurant – but plenty of customers to gain!

What information do you need from me and why?
We want to make our guide as useful as we can for our visitors and your customers so really, as much information as you can give us.

Ideally we’d like everything from your name, address and location to the times food is served and cuisine types.

Can I update the information stored about my restaurant?
Yes, Find your restaurant on the site, and click the “update this listing” link in the right sidebar. Fill in the form and we’ll update the listing.

I have a chain of restaurants can I add them?I have a chain of restaurants can I add them?
Certainly, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know what format we need the information in.