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Great British Menu 2012 – Finals Week – Starters

Great British Menu 2012 [ about the series ]

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The Final Week :: Starter : Fish Course : Mains : Dessert
Of the 24 chefs that started the competition, only eight remain. This week they will cook their menus again for the judges who will score each dish, with the three highest scoring dishes being eligible for a place on the banquet menu. The judges will pick the final menu on Friday’s show.
In  a new twist to the finals week, the judges will be asking some of the chefs not to cook dishes they felt were weakest in the heats – unless the chefs have made significant changes to the dishes. Two chefs were asked not to cook in today’s starter heat.
Guest Judge: Richard Corrigan

Alan MurchisonAlan Murchison (Scotland) – Duck terrine and pineapple.
The judges felt the dish stunning and the pineapple worked very well with the duck. They commended the  perfect and the fact that although although the flavours were strong, they didn’t cramp each other.

Scores: Matthew Fort: 7 – Prue Leith: 9 – Oliver Peyton: 8 – Richard Corrigan: 7

Total: 31

Daniel CliffordDaniel Clifford (Central) – Veal tartare, caramelised sweetbread, burnt onions.
Daniel was the first chef to cook. The judges didn’t feel the spices came across in this dish and it wasn’t as nice as last time. It was an understated dish and wasn’t fit for a banquet.

Scores: Matthew Fort: 7 – Prue Leith: 6 – Oliver Peyton: 5 – Richard Corrigan 6

Total: 24

Colin McGurranColin McGurran (North East) – Quail in the wood.
Colin was only allowed to cook his dish because he’d made changes to it. He added 3 new elements to the dish – a crunchy pastry, black garlic and a miso glaze. The judges agreed that the changes were for the best and it made the dish unrecognisable.

Scores: Matthew Fort: 9 – Prue Leith: 8 – Oliver Peyton: 9 – Richard Corrigan: 9

Total: 35

Chris FearonChris Fearon (Northern Ireland) – Clay pigeon shoot.
Chris forgot to put one element of the pigeon onto the dish and had to chase after the servers to add it. The judges found the dish disappointing, cold and with too much sauce.

Scores: Matthew Fort: 6 – Prue Leith: 6 – Oliver Peyton: 4 – Richard Corrigan: 4

Total: 20

Simon RoganSimon Rogan (North West) – Grilled salad, truffle custard, cheese foam and cobnut crisp.
The judges had high expectations for Simon’s dish after the heats, however they found it a little disappointing and not quite as they remembered it – it didn’t feel as if much love had gone in to it.

Scores: Matthew Fort: 7 – Prue Leith: 7 – Oliver Peyton: 7 – Richard Corrigan: 6

Total: 27

Nathan Outlaw (South West) – Hogs Pudding.
Everyone was disappointed with the appearance of the dish and thought it was uninspiring. There was too much potato on the plate for a starter and it wouldn’t be suitable for a summer banquet.

Scores: Matthew Fort: 6 – Prue Leith: 6 – Oliver Peyton: 5 – Richard Corrigan: 5

Total: 22

Phil Howard and Stephen Terry were asked not to cook their starters this week as they had not made any significant changes.

Chefs Simon Rogan, Colin McGurran and Alan Murchison were the top three in today’s heat and their dishes will be eligible for selection for The Olympic Feast menu at the end of the week.

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